Free Logos Order Completed: Offer Ended

As I believe all the free logos are made and sent to their new owners via e-mail. I hope that everyone who participated received his free logo. I’m sorry if someone didn’t like his logo but there is nothing that I can do, It’s a 100% freebie so no revision service offered. You wanna see how these logos look like in order to give your opinion? Here you go:

How do you like these logos? Which is the best in your opinion?

We will be offering more free services soon, I just got contacted by new sponsors.


6 Thoughts on “Free Logos Order Completed: Offer Ended

  1. I honestly think the logo you made for me was terrible. it had nothing to do with my site, or the name of it.

  2. Hi Alex,

    First of all, It’s not me who created the logos, It was a freebie sponsored by a friend of mine.

    You asked for a logo with the following info:
    Text: KillerBlog (no space)
    same colours as the site.

    So I think it’s fair, the designer followed your instructions. Personally, I like your designed logo, It’s clean and simple and it will look good on your blog header just try it!

    Anyway, I’ll ask him to create a new logo for you, just provide me with specific details and let’s see what it will give.


  3. It’s a free logo, what are you complaining about? It could be worse… He got my name wrong (SeoLinkable instead of SoLinkable), but it’s not that big of a deal – I just took the “e” out. I enjoyed the font, so I actually took it and made a 125×125 ad with it. Thanks mate!

  4. I appreciate your offer for free.. but I would say they are not professional logos.. I think your friend needs to improve his designing skills more… 😉

  5. agreed.

  6. I think that they are some good designs over there 😉 Maybe you didn’t liked your logo but the overall experience was good.

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