Professional WordPress Themes Pack

Today, I’m offering you for free a wonderful collection of professional Wordpess templates, that I was selling at Digital Point forums. The pack contain 6 themes and the PSD file for 5 of the 6 themes.

I don’t have a demo link for these templates but I already tested them, but I have a screenshot for the themes pack cover, They are the same as in this:

Wordpress Pro Themes

Download WordPress Professional Themes Pack.

I hope you like them, Enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Professional WordPress Themes Pack

  1. Your welcome Deca. Don’t forget to check back often because I have more cool free stuff to offer ( more premium and magazine templates + ebooks and much more )

  2. Thanks, great theme. One question does this include the theme of your blog too.

  3. Thanks for the download link. I have downloaded them. All of them are unique.

  4. @ Shailu: no it doesnt include my blog template because my blog theme is a free template that I work on, I customized the header and the footer and I added some plugins too. This pack include premium professional templates.

  5. @ Tanzil Ahmed: Ok Ahmed, no problem. I’ll make a new post about all the plugins that I use, with a description and download links, just give me a few days to collect the info.

  6. You can subscribe via email and you’ll get all posts update, You’ll get an email twice a week with titles and description for all the new posts.
    The subscription form is in the sidebar under ” Subscribe To Zak Show Dot Com ”
    Thanks for your interest Mr.Ahmed

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