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Making Money Blogging

Blogging Fail

As you may know, people around the world likes to blog about their passions, motivations, dreams and so on. but many others think that blogging should be about money thinking that if you talk about something else than making money online, business or Internet marketing you would make no cash and they start setting up Read More …

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Five Most Common Traits of Successful Bloggers

Traits of successful bloggers

What does it take for one to succeed in blogging? Are there any secrets to blogging that one should develop or discover? The answer may differ upon each blogger’s views and opinions. Even so, it can be observed that the most successful bloggers have managed to show a range common traits that cannot be easily Read More …

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7 Things that Lower Blog Traffic and Turn-off Visitors

Lower blog traffic turn-off visitors

Are your visitors feeling comfortable with your blog? There are many reasons why people leave your blog immediately. If you know the reasons why they do so, you can improve your blog so that people will like it more. Also, you can potentially increase your blog traffic if you can make your visitors to stay Read More …

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7 Tips to Find Article Ideas to Write About

Find Article Ideas to Write About

As a blogger, it’s not easy to come with fresh idea to write everyday. Yet, you have to write your post every day if you want to keep stable traffic to your blog. Without having constant stream of good and fresh ideas, it wouldn’t be possible for you to write a single article every day. Read More …

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6 Tips to Bring Back Traffic to Old Blog Posts

6 Tips to bring back traffic

Do you have older blog posts that are no longer receiving traffic? If you have older blog posts that receive very little or no traffic at all, you can do something about it. Here are some tips that will help you to bring back traffic to your older blog posts: 1. Update your post: If Read More …

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How to Bring more Traffic to your Blog

Bring Traffic to Blog

There are many blogs in the Internet, we can say that thousands of blogs are created everyday. But only a very few number of these blogs can stand out of the crowd and start getting steady and regular traffic. To bring more traffic to your blog, you need to consider implementing several techniques and strategies Read More …

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