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Blogging: An Effective Business Tool

Many people find blogging to be a means of getting more profit for their business. Business online has evolved in such a way that it has exhibited a great shift in basic marketing drives. Most business owners are aware that having a blog to support their websites is a great way to expose their craft Read More …

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Blogging Mistakes

So you’ve been writing on your blog and not getting any responses? It happens a lot. Especially to those who do blogging without much thinking. Surprised? You should be. You did all the planning, writing, research and perhaps even wrestled with HTML and all those codes. It feels very exhausting to not get any response Read More …

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A Strategy in Blogging

Monetization of your online activities can be realized in blogging. There are a lot of reasons that compel people to establish a blog. This article can help you get a general idea of how you could successfully meet your goals especially if you plan to gain an income source through blogging. Form your blog the Read More …

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Blogging for a Purpose

One of the best ways to be productive while doing something you really like is blogging. A blog or what is more appropriately called a weblog, is a form of communication. It is a more flexible means of publishing any form of business or simply what you would like to discuss online. This tool in Read More …

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Why Do People Blog?

Many people blog nowadays. A great percentage of internet users maintain a blog, majority of them even have multiple blogs. The niches range from how-to tips, health, online marketing, sports, travel, product reviews, blogging, online diaries and the most popular of them all, “how to earn money online”. These bloggers find blogging a good way to Read More …

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Useful WordPress Plugins for Better Blogging Experience

There are hundreds of wordpress plugins available on the Internet, some of them are very useful and some others are only a waste of time. Back in 2008, I posted about a list of necessary WordPress plugins, this is another post about some new and useful plugins that will make your blogging activity more easier. Advertising Read More …

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