Nowadays, there is a new creative way to create a resume that would impress employers, it’s to create a video resume your own way to supplement your ordinary resume. The video should list your degrees, qualifications, skills and other information you may want to add. I don’t say that getting or creating a video resume […]

Greeting everybody and happy new year 2014! It has been a while since I didn’t post new articles due to lack of time and many other occupations, anyway today we are here with a new post highlighting the top reasons why good employees tend to quit their jobs. Actually the concept of fidelity inside companies […]

There are good jobs and there are bad jobs. In today’s economy it is hard to for those who do are unemployed to find a decent job that pay well and is satisfactory. As this year comes to an end we’ve compiled a list with the most popular jobs in 2012. If you’re looking for […]

A resume is a list of everything an employer needs to know about you. It includes items like your objectives, educational background, credentials and qualifications, affiliations and references, and of course a summary of your previous career. Here are some useful tips on how to write a career summary: Start with the most recent job […]

A vital challenge for the global manager is to build good working relationships across geographical and cultural borders. Recognize that strong, trusting relationships are the foundation of successful collaborations in a diverse business network. Identifying Advantages You can gain advantage over your competitors in three main ways. The first is in intellectual capital, such as […]

A global manager appreciates the impact that culture has on business. Aim to understand cultural differences, develop your relationship skills, and overcome communication barriers. Adapting Culture Groups of people see the world through their own set of assumptions, beliefs, values, and attitudes. Learn about your culture and how it has shaped you, and aim to […]

A global career offers you numerous opportunities. Identify the different roles and options open to you and then devise a clear focus for your career. Aim to gain the necessary experiences you need so that you can form your career path. Looking at Global Generalists Usually located at the corporate centre, global generalists have experience […]