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Lamborghini X Concept vs Lamborghini Reventon

The Lamborghini Reventon design didn’t impressed Emil Baddal, an artist and designer from Iran. So, he decided to create a new Lamborghini concept, It’s called the Lamborghini X concept. Check out this awsome concept design: How do you find it? Wich one do you prefer, this concept or the normal Lamborghini Reventon concept?

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F-150 Jet Truck

You thought that your truck is the most powerful in the world, maybe you should think again.. Check out Chris Lentz 2700 horse power truck! It’s a 2005 Ford F-150 with a Czech built Motorlet M-701 turbojet bolted that cost 10.000$ to its bed. Hooking up a jet engine to a pick-up truck was Chris Read More …

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New Subaru Promo Video: Real Drifting Challenge

You think that what you sew on Fast to Furious serie of movies is the best of all the time? If it is the case, you should check this video, because I was just like you, thinking that what I sew on Tokyo Drift was the best drifting scenes of all the time. But after Read More …

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The Brand New 2009 Honda Pilot

Discover the brand new 2009 Honda Pilot. In typical Honda fashion, the new style is in a way based on the last version that made a success. However, they did go a bit out of the stantard. First thing you’ll notice is an awkward, big grill. The new pilot also looks a little more squared off in the last version. Read More …

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The Golden 911 Porsche

What happend when someone had a lot of money, that he don’t know how to spend it? Simply he cover his car with it. Check out this outstanding 911 Porsche covered with 18kg of gold: Surely, It’s too dangerous and risky to park this car in the street, you should keep it always in the Read More …

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Supercar: The New 2009 Corvette ZR1 Model

It’s a Corvette? OMG! It will cost a fortune? No my friend, those days are gone. According to the latest news the 2009 Corvette ZR1 starts at $105,000. This amount include the destination charge, and the gas guzzler tax. You think that’s too expensive for a car? Check out those little cute numbers: 638 HP Read More …

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