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Swipe the Deck: Poker Game

Swipe the Deck by Chillingo

Swipe the Deck by Chillingo Ltd merges match-three game play with poker, so you can combine card tiles in order to make pairs, or three of a kind, or four of a kind, including a flush, also a full house, and even more. To start with, you have to connect your game with Facebook in Read More …

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Shove Pro: Running & Shoving Game

Shove Pro by Red Dragon

Shove Pro by Red Dragon is more than just a little reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto, but instead of driving around and plucking people out of their cars to hijack them, Shove Pro is a kind of Grand Theft Auto on foot! You go around running through alleys, shoving people around and, I must say, Read More …

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Storm the Train: A Mayhem Filled Adventure

Storm the Train iPhone Game

This iPhone app by Chillingo Ltd is a hotheaded punchy adventure. I mean, who doesn’t fancy a good dollop of rip-roaring anarchy while racing around on the roof top of a moving train, right? The first thing you gotta love about Storm the Train are the cool graphics. The game’s graphics are unbelievably crisp and Read More …

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Top 10 Young and Fast Internet Billionaires

Michael Furdyk Internet Billionaire

Quite surprisingly, more and more billionaires are young. Some of which do not have a MBA to boast. They do not even run a company that’s been operating for several decades. All the more, these young billionaires are not heirs to a family corporation. These are fresh and young billionaires that earned their money quickly Read More …

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Top 10 Upcoming Best Movies to See in 2012

Star Trek 2 Movie

This year, 2012 is a big year for movies industry, it’s the beginning of big films being directed by world renowned directors. Get excited and be ready with your popcorn this 2012 to see one of the best movies all the time. Here are the top 10 must-see movies this 2012 that you can find Read More …

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Top 10 Celebrities Who Failed In Attempting Suicide

Britney Spears Suicide

Celebrities don’t always live a good life. Their life becomes twisted to the extent that they want to end their lives. Their jobs can become demanding and they’ve got no strong support system. Their life is not easy, some celebrities managed to handle the pressure. Others just get into depression and try to commit suicide. Read More …

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