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My name is Zak, admin of Zak Show dot com. I’m a Web Entrepreneur which include webmastering, blogging, Internet Marketing, a SEO Specialist and all around a good & friendly person who loves helping people!

The Zak ShowWhat’s Zak Show dot Com About?

ZakShow.Com introduces my experience as a webmaster, blogger, web entrepreneur and someone who succeed on generating revenue from the Internet. Post topics range from webmastering tips, blogging tips, search engines optimization, affiliate marketing, technology talk, business ideas, products/services reviews and not to forget the hobbies topics from engines talk ( mainly cars ) to travel, leisure and general talk which incudes personality analysis and how to succeed in life by improving performance.

After studying Economics and Computing science, I’m able to manage many other websites in various topics as simple as Entertainment to some serious complicated niches as health, finance and tourism. Years that I spent in university teaches me lot of valuable concepts, after graduation I found myself able to run my own online business and expand it to influence the real life activity and create a trend.

What Are My Hobbies & Interest?

I can consider that the Internet and making money online are the best things that I love to do in my free time but I still can say that I’m a good video games player, I enjoy playing RPG and FPS games.

I love watching good movies, driving sport cars, I also adore meeting friends and spending time outside.

The above is just a small bio where I tried to introduce myself in a brief way. If you’re looking for a little more information about me, go here or get in touch with me via:

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Have a great day folks!!