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10 Effective Backlinking Tips to Boost your Search Engine Traffic

Organic search engine traffic is the best traffic source you can rely. Without search engine traffic, your website can’t bring you maximum earning. Do you want to keep paying for your traffic? I bet most people don’t want to do it. One of the best ways to drive more organic search engine traffic is backlinking. Here are 10 effective backlinking tips you can apply to help you boost your search engine traffic:

Backlinking for Search Engine Traffic1. Get backlinks from high PR sites
High PR sites have stronger position in the search engine. They also affect your search engine position greatly. If you can get several backlinks from high PR sites, it will give you a good boost in search engine traffic as compared to getting backlinks from low PR sites.

2. Keyword as anchor text
Keyword in your anchor text will help to boost your website’s ranking for that keyword. So, use your target keyword as anchor text every time you put a backlink.

3. Plan ahead
Backlinking can’t be done randomly without good planning. It is necessary to plan ahead before building lots of backlinks for your website. You have to choose the keyword that you want to rank for. You also have to choose the page that you want to increase the rank. Without good planning, your backlinking effort will be less effective.

4. Don’t link to the homepage only
You have to target more relevant pages in your website. Most people only create backlinks for their home page. This can only give small result. If you want to effectively attract more search engine traffic through backlinking, you should link to more relevant pages in your website.

5. Link from old sites
Old domains have more authority in the search engine. So, if you can get some backlinks from old domains, you can boost your search engine ranking more easily. Linking from old websites can be difficult, but once you get one or two links from it, it can be very useful.

6. Guest posting
Write several guest posts from several popular blogs in your niche. You may be able to get quality backlinks from your guest posts. Remember that authority blogs will give you more power to increase your search engine ranking.

7. Article directories
Many people would argue that article marketing has been dead and no longer effective. It is not true. There are still many people who actively trying to get backlinks from article directories. Major article directories are strong websites with high PageRank. So, don’t miss this step.

8. Video marketing
You can get strong backlinks for your website by utilizing video marketing at the maximum level. Video-sharing websites are high traffic websites that will give you good link juices for your website. So, it is good for you to submit your video to video-sharing websites regularly. Don’t forget to put a link to your website in the description. Don’t just focus on one video-sharing website. Always distribute your video to several video-sharing websites.

9. Forum posting
Do you know that forum can also give you good quality backlinks for your website? You can use forum to generate backlinks by putting your link in your forum profile and signature. Participate in the forum and give helpful advice for the forum members. The more post you make, the more backlinks you will get. However, use only popular forums in your niche to make this method effective.

10. Blog commenting
Becoming a regular blog commenter will help you to attract lots of traffic to your blog. Find several blogs in your niche, subscribe to their mailing list, and post your comment to those blogs as soon as they publish a new post. Write your keyword as your name. Your comments will help you to get more traffic for your website.

Those backlinking tips will help you to boost your websites search engine traffic effectively, just try to implement all of these and you’ll see good results! Any other tips in mind? Kindly share the wealth with us..

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