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10 Necessary Firefox Extensions

This is a listing for top 10 necessary – Must Have – Firefox extensions for webmasters or sumply FireFox users.

Firefox Extension

SEO for Firefox: Aaron Walls great extension which shows you every seo statistic within a Google Search.

Download Embedded: With this tool you can download embedded files like flash movies (youtube) and pretty much any embedded content.

LiveHTTPHeaders: Find out what all is going on with your web browser.

ColorZilla: allows you to pull colors off a page.

Firebug: Awesome for debugging html/css and even profiling your page finding out what is making it hang.

Google Global: From PPC expert at Redflymarketing this handy tool lets you see Google results from various countries.

Inbound Link Quality Extension: An interesting SEO tool which gives you ranking based on inbound links and their authority from SEOcompany.ca

SEO Link Analysis Script: Link verification and deep analysis from Joostdevalk.nl

SearchStatus: One of the most used. Shows alexa/compete/pagerank. Useful for quick stats.

Web Developer: This is a must have for any web developer. Lets you edit and view css on the fly and also apply different stylesheets to different pages.

Do you use any of these extensions??

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