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10 SEO Tips to Improve Search Engine Rankings

It’s important to know that there are thousands of search engines out there, but only two main ones are responsible for bringing you the most traffic. These search engines are Yahoo and Google. Sometimes Bing can also bring you traffic, but not quite to the impact that Google or Yahoo can. The following SEO tips below further assist you to form a basic understanding of 10 SEO tips that can greatly improve search engine rankings. It’s very important to understand that in order to improve your search engine rankings, you will need to focus on creating human friendly web sites that will be easily crawled and understood by popular search engines and people.

10 Ways you can improve your search engine rankings are as follows

1. Use basic SEO and insert the keywords you need in the title tag, this will help search engine robots to understand what your website is about. The title tag is usually located at the top of your page in the head gags, putting in this keywords or phrases has been proven to greatly increase the chances of targeted traffic to any blog or website.

2. Make sure that you are using the same keywords as your anchor text in order to link pages on your site. This can be of great help especially when your website has many pages already, thus the greater your keywords linking to a particular page, the better.

3. Make sure that your text in the title tag can also be found in the body of the page. It’s not very effective to place keywords in your title tag which you can not find in the body of your page. Remember to add the same keyword text when using your h1 tag as this is what will tell any reader who clicks and lands on your page from any search engine that they are at the right place . Search engine robots also like this since a relationship between the headline and title of your page is evidently present.

4. Avoid using the same title tags on each page on your website, if this occurs, your pages may not get indexed by search engines since robots will assume that the pages on your website are all the same. A good trick to use is to place the headline in the h1 tag so that this headline is the same one as your title tag texts, it helps the robots to know what your page is about.

5. Don’t try to spam the search engines by stuffing useless keywords not related to your content on the keyword meta tag. Just place your headline one time within the keywords and description tags.

6. Avoid linking to link-farms as they are viewed to be unfriendly neighborhoods and can even lead to your pages being banned and dropped by major search engines such as Google.

7. Never use doorway pages, as they are a black-hat SEO method not beneficial or relevant to search engine, these are not human friendly pages and are looked at unfavorably by search engines alike.

8. For the text links title tags, you should insert the title tag within the HTML of your text link as this will add some relevance to the link as well as to where the link is placed.  This is similar to the alt tag you use for images.

9. Use description tags for your images (the alt tag). This helps for search engines to index the images you have on your page and help readers who also use text only web browsers.

10. Submit your site to search engines manually, don’t be tempted to use submission software as your site can get banned or penalized and also don’t forget directories submission related to your niche, this helps a lot!

Just try to implement these tips on your next or present website and you’ll notice an improvement in search engines rankings.

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