2012 Ford Escape Review

2012 Ford EscapeDespite its 11 year run, the 2012 Ford Escape still stands to amaze the crowd. Today, the Ford Escape is the best selling crossover in its class, making it a wonderful addition for someone looking for a SUV with a classy touch. The 2012 Ford Escape comes with amazing safety ratings and offers a hybrid model, which is quite the offering from Ford. Ford has maintained the overall look of the 2011 model, but simply spruced up the design on the front end of the vehicle. The 2012 Ford Escape is much more economical than your average SUV, but still has that V6 thrust you’re looking for with every pump.

Interior/Exterior Styling

Even though we are looking at the 2012 Ford Escape, it still feels as if we are seeing its old predecessor. If Ford has maintained one thing on the Ford Escape, it has to be the overall silhouette of the Escape. Despite the very little changes on the outside, the inside has a whole new lift. The inside of the 2012 Ford Escape is great such that you have enough leg room, and a 6ft person could sit quite comfortably. However, the plastic dash is somewhat of a turn off, as it really lowers the bar in terms of overall interior look. If you are looking for the traditional SUV look, this would be the one for you.


With the 2012 Ford Escape, you get to choose from three different flavours, which include a Hybrid model, 240HP V6 engine model and a 4 cylinder V6 engine model. Surely, the 240HP Ford Escape would give you the true feeling of a powerhouse, but then again, most people are looking for the most economical vehicle. The four cylinder counterpart would do just as fine on the road, giving you the power you need to haul a full load. On our routine test run with the 171-horsepower 4 cylinder 2012 Escape, we noticed that it took nearly ten seconds to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour. For optimum performance, gas mileage and price; the 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid is the essential vehicle for you.


If you’ve owned recent Ford models, you would be aware that they are huge fans of installing awesome infotainment additions to their vehicles. The 2012 Ford Escape gives you tons of great features such as AUX, iPod USB plugs, SYNC System, Sirius Satellite Radio, on board weather controls and a personal music library. These are just some of the basic features included in the 2012 Escape, because you will find a whole set of other interactive features in the Escape. You will also be getting the default features, such as FM/AM Radio, CD/DVD entertainment options, HD Radio and the My Ford Touch System. The touch command panel is very convenient, especially when you are driving, as you have everything at your fingertips. Voice commands are also available on some of the entertainment features.

Fuel economy is a huge deal for some people, so let’s dig into it! The 2012 Ford Escape comes in three great trims, offering the one of the best in crossover fuel economy to the somewhat typical SUV fuel drinker. The 4-cylinder 2012 Ford Escape delivers a 23/28 MPG, while the 240HP V6 trim drops it down to 18/23 MPG. The Hybrid Ford Escape delivers an impeccable 34/31 MPG. Depending on your driving habits, this may drop a few points, but it is still quite high. Overall, the 2012 Ford Escape gets a 7.8 out of 10 as our rating.

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