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3 Common SEO Myths to Avoid in 2012

Search Engines Optimization has been a very common topic among Internet marketing professionals and online business owners. Almost everyone is looking to get into this cost effective and effective way of marketing to make the most out of it. There are various articles and books available on this topic, and that is the reason why there are many common myths floating around in the market regarding optimizing a website for search engines. These used to have some credibility in the past, but now they are nothing more than myths and you should avoid thinking about them once and for all in 2012.

SEO Myths 2012In this article I am going to highlight 3 of the most common myths in the SEO industry that your must be aware of!

More Clicks = Better Rankings: People tend to think that number of clicks you get on your website, and number of visitors, effect the position of your website on search engines result page. Traffic is a different thing than SEO, you can get tons of traffic through social media marketing like, facebook marketing, or stumbleupon. But it does not mean that they will help you in higher rankings. Yes, traffic increases your sales and conversions, but you have to increase the number of backlinks of your website and improve other SEO factors to make your website rank higher on SERPs.

More Keyword Stuffing = Higher Rankings: One other thing that people tend to do is to add your keywords on your web page more times than their competitors and think that they will eventually rank higher on SERPs. Adding keywords on the important portions of your website helps in higher rankings for sure, but adding your keyword excessively may make your website look spammy to search engine bots and they might penalize your website for keyword stuffing. Hence it is really important to completely avoid excessive usage of keywords within your web pages.

More Links = Better Links: Seriously, no matter what all other so called “SEO Gurus” tell you, this is not true at all. Just having huge quantity of backlinks will never make your website rank higher on SERPs, unless you do other things right as well. Recently Google has started penalizing websites that create low quality and irrelevant backlinks in bulk. For Google, quality of backlinks is by far more important than quantity of backlinks. There are numerous examples in which websites with very less amount of backlinks have outranked websites with insane amount of low quality, junk backlinks.

In short, you must be careful while planning your SEO campaign in 2012, as there have been a lot of changes in how Search Engines, especially Google ranks websites.

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