3 Concepts for a Better Blogging Startup Experience

To make up a good plan, you need solid strategies. This is the same story to succeed in your blogging activity. You must have some ” secret weapons ” in order to make everything work well as you wish. The skills that I will talk about are a little bit virtual, so let’s forget about SEO, SEM and backlinks stuff.

Here are 3 concepts that you should carry about:


You should give your blogging career the importance that it deserve, don’t consider it as a hobby, try to be professional and serious as maximum as possible. Give it the time that you give to every necessary principal activity in your life and it will be much better if you give your blogging carrer the major priority, and don’t forget to manage your time by setting up your a calendar where you schedule your activities. I already talked about this point many time but I am poiting to it again because in my opinon it’s the first weapon that everybody should get before getting in the blogging war.

Imagination & Creativity

I gathered these two tools in one concept because they are related to each other. You can’t be creative if you don’t have a good imagination. People will not care about you or your blog if you are not creative enough, because they are always looking for information about persons that have a good imagination ( in the limits of reality, I am not talking about telling people lies ) in order to give you the inspiration to post unique and good creative content that people enjoy reading.


Yes, when you are working on something that you enjoy, you’ll never give up because that’s what you love to do, even in your real life. If you love soccer, don’t blog about how to make money online because you’ll fail, but if you follow your passion you’ll find how much it easy to create good and unique content in a regular basis. Also people will notice that you are a professional and you really know what you are talking about.

That was 3 theories that everybody should, including me, consider before starting wasting our time and money, to avoid creating a blog or an online business that nobody will care about.

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