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3 Methods to Generate Free Traffic

In this post, I am going to start off by explaining ways to successfully generate free traffic back to your website that don’t involve spending large sums of money on advertising. There are effective methods you can use to generate traffic to your site that cost next to nothing, keep reading to find out more. There are many methods you can implement in order to start seeing a stream of traffic to your blog or website without having to spend a lot of money, but these are the most effective!

Method #1: Contribute in Content

The process of writing your own ebook can take a lot of time, not only will it take away from time doing other things, it can be a time consuming and arduous task.  Opt instead to writing short but valuable 8-10 page reports and giving them free or for a small fee on your site. This can be a great way to presell any product offering you may be offering on your site. Another way to contribute content is to guest blog on blogs with a high readership related to your niche or field of expertise. If your content is good and you approach webmasters and site owners with class, a rejection of your proposed article is highly unlikely. It never hurts to try.

Method #2: Give away Free viral Reports

You can get traffic back to your website by offering free viral reports, these articles are great when packaged as Portable Document Files of high value. Make it allowable for people to share and give away your report to their site visitors, this creates a viral type of presence as one person passes your report to the next person, then on to the next and so on.  Include a monetary incentive in your reports such as make the links found in the reports brandable, you will make money every time the person giving away your brandable report makes any money off the report.

Method #3: Offer Testimonials

you would be surprised at how much traffic you can get by simply giving a testimonial. Be sure that you only give testimonials for products that are legitimate and not fall prey to giving your valued testimonial to a scam product or an info product that has a shady reputation. Don’t endorse everything under the sun, but be in the know that testimonials can bring traffic to your site, so do not underestimate their power and use.

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