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5 Easy Ways to Build Backlinks to Websites

The one most important part of Search Engine Optimization, is to participate in link building. The most effective links are those of related authority sites pointing back to your own website. If you want to achieve a higher ranking in search engines, then you will value the steady and uninterrupted flow of high quality links pointing to your website.

Free Link Building

You can build free links as it’s quite easy to do, however, you should be aware that it does take a lot of time and you could be sacrificing time spent elsewhere and instead outsource this task and concentrate on what matters most in your website or online business. There are other ways to build high quality links back to your website without ever having to spend a lot of money. The key to free link building is to make any links you build effective and the content on your website of the highest value to your readers, people can even start linking to your website without you having to ask them due to the fact that they feel your content is of the highest value to them as well as to their own readers. Remember you can keep writing and writing, but people hardly return to a website that they feel is of no value to them or to their readers. So make sure you’re not just writing, but offering something to be valued, something that can help people, not just add to the thousands of useless websites out there.

Link Requests

If you like a website or think that it is of value to you and the content you offer, you can try and manually go out and ask webmasters to place your link with their content. A good way to get a link back to your site from webmasters, is to first start by introducing what your site is, and what it’s about, then ask them if they would consider linking back to your site. What happens next is usually the webmaster will also ask for a link back in return (which is only fair). Reciprocal linking is better than no linking, although you benefit more from one way linking to your site.

Forum Signatures and Social Media

Don’t be lazy, if you want to get traffic to your site, you should participate in forums related to your site . Participate in such things as putting your website’s link as your signature, this can get you targeted traffic, especially if the forum you joined is closely intertwined to your niche or website. Be careful to never start spamming any of these forums with your links as most likely you will get your account banned.

Article Marketing

Article marketing can be a great way to also get high quality articles to your blog or website. It does take a bit more time than other methods, with article marketing, you should be willing to write quite a bit, if not, you can outsource this task to an expert writer/writers. Make sure your articles have no grammatical errors, are clear and offer something of value to readers. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need 500 words to prove a point, even a well written keyword rich 250-300 word article does the trick.


Submit your articles to the search engine directories there are for back links. You can start by submitting to free search engine directories if you happen to be on a budget. If submitting to these search engine directories, remember to keep your descriptions free of any promotional elements, remember to not include the name of your website in the description as this decreases the chances that your articles could be accepted. More information on the importance of directories submission for SEO can be found here.

Web Design Links

If you are a web designer, you can create unique WordPress themes or website templates, under the Creative Commons Attribution License, you can then release them to them to the public. Every website template you create should have a footer link in every page, make sure that you specify this link to remain intact in order for anybody who is using your template, to use it legally. After your template is all done and ready, you can submit it to highly trafficked websites that accept web templates, or you can even create your own websites ad provide free website templates.

Feel free to learn about more free link building methods, the above link building tips are just a start in order to get your thoughts flowing.

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    May 27, 2011 at 11:24

    In addition to what you have said, advertising your site to sell links is very bad and you could easily be banned. If you sell links, dont display them on the front page.

    Also, dont gather links very fast. I lost 3 sites easily because within 2 months of setting up the ste, i acquired over 2000 links. Google banned the sites. if you buy old domains which i think is the best, you can gather links very fast.Mind you, it also depends on the age of the domain. For domain over 5yrs, the sky is your limit. 1, 2 yrs be careful.Overal, i believe article submission is the best method. Hope this help someone.

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