5 Reasons Why you are not a Successful Entrepreneur

1/ You don’t know how to manage your time: Sleeping long hours or all kind of addictions are great ways to waste your time. You should know how to schedule your time, by making a list of what you have to do, even if you work from home and you are your self boss. When you are well organized and you know how to give everything, the time that it worth you’ll be more productive and so more successful.

2/ You don’t know how to lead a group: Leading a group is not an easy task, you should have a strong personality to do that. Being too agressive won’t help and things can’t be handed to you with ease, you have to be smart enough to know how to react with people and adapt quickly.

Successful Entrepreneur Skills3/ You don’t love what you do: It’s normal that you always spend more time and effort doing things that you love to do, and you don’t feel angry or bored. Don’t stick trying businesses for the only reason of the big revenue, because you’ll never succeed and you can even loose.

4/ You don’t have backup plans: Never rely on one business, one market, one person, one thought or one solution. Try to diversify as max as possible and work on substitutes and backup plans, because bad things that you can’t predict, usually happend.

5/ You don’t care about what other people think: If you think that you are too smart and that you know everything, to the point that you ignore other people, you will fall, because there is always someone smarter than you on something, so you should be modest enough to meet new people in a regular basis, and being open minded will help you to be more successful. Networking is a key to success.

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