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Ways to Generate Instant Traffic to a Website

Creating an attractive website is just the beginning and the easiest part. It is the promotion that makes a website successful. There are different ways of promoting a website and generating huge traffic.

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Let’s take a look at some of these ways:

Yahoo Answers

This is one of the best ways of generating instant traffic to a website. For this you need to have a Yahoo account and it will only take a few minutes to create. Then you log on to answers.yahoo.com and use the built in search option to find questions related to the niche of your website.

Once you find a question you are able to answer, then answer it in such a way that you come across as an expert in the topic. You must leave a link to your website in the source field. Don’t restrict yourself to answering just one question, do this with as many questions as you can.

This works wonderfully and fulfills two things: sending direct and immediate traffic to the website as well as generating indirect traffic. Yahoo answers is considered as an authority site and all the threads are picked up by the search engines in a matter of hours. Imagine if you left your URLs there, your websites will also be indexed very quickly.


Whenever you publish new content, you can use digg.com to submit it to. Digg is an effective social bookmarking site where if your content garners enough interest, people will vote and you earn Digg points. Once you gather sufficient Digg points, it will be prominent for millions of people to see.

Blog Commenting

Make a note of the popular blogs in your niche and keep visiting them and leave comments, making sure to leave your link there. For this method to work, your comments have to be relevant to the blog post. How this works is, when visitors to that blog read your comment and find it interesting and useful, they will be tempted to click on your link. This method generates direct traffic, which means immediate visitors as well as indirect traffic to your web pages.


Whenever you have a new post or article in your site, submit it to www.technorati.com. You should submit it under an appropriate tag. Here’s the best part you can use any tag you want. You can make the tag one of the well-searched for keywords related to your niche or it can be an innovative tag that has never been used before. The newest submissions appear at the top of the site.

Wikipedia Link

This is not as easy as it sounds but if you can manage to get your link in Wikipedia, you are going to see a huge increase in traffic. Wikipedia is currently one of the hottest properties on the World Wide Web. See if you can add something useful that is not already there, related to your niche. You will be allowed to leave your URL as a link when you add content to Wikipedia. The only problem is, even if you manage to get your link in, there is no guarantee that it will remain there for any significant amount of time. But whatever little time your link remains there, it is going to give you incredible results.

These are some of the more popular strategies you can’t go wrong with and bring the results you desire. Even if it takes time, it is worth the effort to see your web pages ranking high on the search engines, in turn bringing in thousands of visitors. There are several other ways, which we will take a look at in a different article.

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