6 Reasons why Good Employees Quit

today we are here with a new post highlighting the top reasons why good employees tend to quit their jobs.

Good employeeActually the concept of fidelity inside companies is quite different than years ago. Talented employees feeling frustrated tend to practice job-hopping. Who is to blame? companies who didn’t know how to keep their talented employees! Here we will explain 6 reasons (far from salary) why good employees quit their jobs and look for something else.

No vision

Good managers have a clear vision on the future, they are visionaries who manage to unite their team around common objectives. If the manager does not have a clear vision, the right employee can not be projected over the long term in his business.

No sense of purpose

It’s not always easy to create a sense of belonging in a large company. However, to keep a good employee in a company, he must feel at his place. If the company doesn’t make him feel that he is part of the puzzle and can make the difference in the activity level, the employee will feel useless.

No empathy

In today’s economy and due to the economic crisis, there are fewer employer-employee loyalty, on both sides. However, there is a simple and free way for a manager to create nevertheless trust: leave the door open, listening to the claims of its employees, and do their best to help them solve their problems. In contrast, an employee who feels neither listened nor supported by his company will conclude that nobody cares about him and it’s a great reason to leave.

No motivation

Good employees relegate the importance of their salary into the background if they do a job they love. The financial compensation isn’t enough motivation to keep good talent. Good employees must also be able to create the desire to do a good job. An employee who gives full power at work but receives no feedback or compliment from his boss, who sees no set goals or who have the impression to work in a vacuum will lose the motivation. And probably go and look elsewhere.

No future

Good employees are ambitious and seek to advance their careers. Even in companies where performance reviews are held regularly, employees don’t always know how to move horizontally or vertically within the company: the role of manager in this case is to help clearing vision on the future. If an employee expresses a desire to change jobs and that the employer is unable to help him, he will go.

No fun

Many start-up companies blur the boundary between work and fun. Many strategies exist to make employees happy: wacky fringe benefits, happy hour at the office … Simply the fact to present the work as fun and flexible, allow great freedom inside the organization and keep employees entertained. Austere 8 working hours sitting in the same office seem less attractive to many (young) employees, which force the enterprise to be more fun and entertaining to improve business performance.

This is it, wish you a happy new year, a great career and too much fun at work! Feel free to share your ideas and add more reasons why you ” good and hard working employee ” tend to quit your job by commenting and adding value to this article.

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