6 Tips to Bring Back Traffic to Old Blog Posts

6 Tips to bring back trafficDo you have older blog posts that are no longer receiving traffic? If you have older blog posts that receive very little or no traffic at all, you can do something about it. Here are some tips that will help you to bring back traffic to your older blog posts:

1. Update your post: If your old post is no longer relevant, then you should update your post so that it will become more relevant with current trends. Not only that, you should also update the SEO of your older blog post so that it can be properly indexed by the search engines. Do some research again for keywords related to your older post and insert those keywords to your old post. Update and improve your old post and make it to become a fresh new content for your blog.

2. Link to older post in your new blogpost: One simple thing that you can do to improve traffic on your older blog posts is to insert a link to those posts in your newer posts. Create related post with the information you share in your older post and insert link to your older post in your new post. Make sure that your post is relevant with your older post so that readers can check out the post to get more information.

3. Create videos for your older posts: If you want to bring back traffic to your older posts, you can create one video for each post and distribute the video to various video sharing sites with your link in the description. The videos you create don’t need to be comprehensive, just short videos explaining information in your older posts.

4. Inform your subscribers: If you have a mailing list, you can tell your subscribers to check your older posts that may help them solve certain problem. It is a simple way to get some traffic back to your older posts. Add some comments and description about your posts and ask your subscribers to read your older posts. Tell your subscribers in a way that it entices them to check out your link.

5. Do some guest posting: You can also write for other blogs about relevant information related to your older posts and in the author resource box you can insert the link to your older blog posts. In this way, you’ll get more links which will strengthen search engine ranking for your older posts and your blog in general. You can also attract more readers for your blog by writing some guest posts.

6. Make a new list: In your blog, you can create a new page that features a list of your favorite articles, which are of course your older posts that you want to bring traffic to. This list should be updated periodically for the purpose of reviving traffic for your older posts. By creating this list, you can always recharge traffic for your older posts whenever you need.

Apply those tips to bring back traffic to your older blog posts. You don’t need to let your older blog posts lose their popularity.

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