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7 Key Ingredients for A Winning SEO Strategy

Winning SEO StrategyMany small business owners are surprised to find out that SEO is not a do it once and you’re done affair. SEO requires a consistent effort and instead of outsourcing your SEO to a consultant and turning your back on it you need to be actively involved if you want your investment to pay dividends. Outlined below you will find the 7 key ingredients of a winning SEO strategy.

Be Proactive

After a wave of Google updates a lot of webmasters found themselves out of the SERPs. They are the ones searching online for the next strategy to “game” the search engines. As a webmaster you cannot control what Google or any other search engine does. Sure you depend on them for traffic but don’t get so caught up that you completely ignore the things you should focus on. Place an emphasis on building a site that meets the needs of your customers, write great content so that others link to it, keep your sitemap up to date and keep your code clean. Let the focus be on quality and good marketing and everything else will automatically fall into place.

Be Clear On Your Objectives

Your SEO objectives should never just be about ranking for a specific keyword or getting your site to first page. Why do you want to get there? Is it to get more sales, build your list or provide information? You must have the end goal in mind so that you SEO campaign could be designed to meet that goal.

Set Priorities

It’s easy to get paralyzed at the thought of everything that needs to be done when it comes to SEO. There are onsite tasks likes tags, content and 301 redirects but there are a lot of offsite tasks as well. Take SEO one step at a time doing what is most important first and working down the list. Trying to do too much at once could hurt rather than help.

Give Till It Hurts

Success online really is about giving to your community. What does that have to do with SEO you ask? Take a look at the sites that remain unaffected by Google updates. Many of them are built on good and solid links. A lot of the links they received are due to the information, ebooks, white papers and other items that they’ve given away.

Write helpful posts on your blog, promote the posts and others will share and link to you. Seek out industry blogs and volunteer to write a post or two to increase your exposure.

Use Profitable Keywords

By profitable I mean your keywords should be ones that people are actually using in the search engines. What you think they are searching for or should be searching for could be far from reality so drop the preconceived ideas when you do keyword research. Listen to what your audience is saying, pay attention to what they’re looking for and build a site that addresses those needs.

Synergize Your Efforts

SEO should be a part of everything that you do. Social networking, web design, copywriting, PPC, video marketing, content marketing and everything else should be done with SEO in mind.

Rinse and Repeat

Your SEO strategies will need to be done over and over again since SEO is not a one off affair. Every time you repeat a task it should be better than the time before. Stay on top of what’s new in SEO and add it to the mix since SEO is always changing.

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