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7 Simple Ways to Get Started Promoting CPA Offers

If you are an affiliate newbie, you probably only know about affiliate programs that will give you commission per sale. But, do you know that there are some affiliate programs that will give you promotion per lead? It means that you don’t need to make a sale in order to earn a commission. You just need to refer people to the program and make them to do some action, such as filling a form, submitting their name and email address, participating in a survey, and so on. Those are called CPA affiliate programs. If you want to join the fun, here are 7 simple ways to get started promoting CPA offers:

Find CPA network to work on

Promote CPA OffersMost CPA networks will require you to have at least decent experience in internet marketing if you want to apply for their CPA programs. However, there are some CPA networks that will accept you quite easily. CPA networks such as CPALead, CJ, and ShareASale will work best for you if you are a newbie. You just need to sign up to one of them and focus promoting one CPA offer there.

Pick CPA offer that will pay decent commission per lead

You don’t need to think too deeply about this. Since there are hundreds of offers to choose from in one CPA network, you have to choose the offer that you think can give decent commission for your work. In this case, pick an offer that will pay you at least $5-$10 per lead so that every lead that you generate to this offer will be worthy of your effort. It is also good for you because if you are newbie, those decent offers will help you to earn the commission quickly.

Create one simple website as a squeeze page

Once you’ve chosen your offer, you will need to create a website for your squeeze page for that offer. Make sure that it is simple and straight to the point. This website will lead the visitors to the offer you are promoting. So, make it as simple and appealing as possible. There is lots of pre-made CPA landing page templates you can download from top marketers in CPA program. You just need to Google it.

Send traffic to your CPA through YouTube

CPA offers will generally have higher conversion than regular affiliate offers. And YouTube is perhaps one of the best ways you can use to spread the word about your website, which is a squeeze page to your CPA offer. So, since good videos will tend to go viral quickly, you can just create some videos detailing about your website and submit it to YouTube. The key is consistency. You cannot upload only one video and expect to get some leads. You will need to upload multiple videos every day in order to generate as much buzz as possible.

PPC traffic

In case if you don’t already know, PPC traffic also works best for CPA offer. It will send your potential customers straight to the point of your offer if you are using PPC. So, if you have some money to spend on this CPA game, you must definitely use PPC traffic such as AdWords to get your promotion going. However, if you are a complete newbie about it, it is good for you if you promote through free traffic generation method such as YouTube marketing.

Build your list

Don’t send your traffic straight to the CPA offer in your squeeze page. You have to seize the opportunity to build your list and increase your earning potential later. Don’t let people pass to the offer without entering their name and email address. You can promote related affiliate products to your list later.

The power lies in your squeeze page

When promoting CPA offer, your success is really dependent on the squeeze page that you create. So, you have to remember this carefully. Craft your squeeze page as professional as possible, and make sure to make your squeeze page enticing and interesting. If you fail to make a good squeeze page, you will end up losing many leads later. So, keep tweaking and optimizing your squeeze page along the way.

If you want to promote CPA offers, those are 7 simple ways that you can follow. Unlike regular affiliate marketing, promoting CPA offers can give you good experience and hone your online marketing skill. And often, CPA offers are easy money. So, don’t hesitate to join the fun.

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