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7 Things that Lower Blog Traffic and Turn-off Visitors

Lower blog traffic turn-off visitorsAre your visitors feeling comfortable with your blog? There are many reasons why people leave your blog immediately. If you know the reasons why they do so, you can improve your blog so that people will like it more. Also, you can potentially increase your blog traffic if you can make your visitors to stay on your blog longer. Here are 7 reasons why people are leaving your blog within few seconds:

1. Unappealing blog design
Most people will be more comfortable reading your blog if your blog has a nice design. Ugly or cheap-looking and amateurish design will often turn off your visitors. People love clean, nice, and professional design. Nice design will make them enjoy reading your blog.

2. Boring content
How do you write your content? Is it engaging or boring? Your writing style matters most in attracting visitors attention. As a blogger, you don’t have to have perfect grammar, but you must have the skill to catch and engage visitors attention. Make your content as interesting and entertaining as possible.

3. Too quiet
People will feel better when reading your blog if they know that your blog post is attracting good numbers of comments. Healthy discussion in your blog is expected. Unfortunately, some people will just leave your blog if your blog is too quiet.

4. Irrelevant content
Readers will also feel obligated to leave your blog if the information that they find on your blog is irrelevant with what they are searching for. That’s why you need to deliver what you say on your title. It is also better to make your content relevant with the keywords you are targeting.

5. Weak post titles
Your post titles are your tools to persuade people to keep reading your blog as long as possible. When your readers have finished reading one of your posts, they will decide whether they will continue their stay or not by looking at the recent post titles or the most popular titles. If they find that the titles are not appealing, they will leave. So, make your titles as strong as possible to persuade people to click on it and read the content.

6. Unpopular blog with lots of advertisements
Monetizing your blog is a good goal, but you shouldn’t put advertisements all over your blog, especially if you have a new blog. People will know your trick and naturally avoid your blog. Put your ads when you have good numbers of visitors and it’s good for you to focus on the content if you have a new blog. You should only put your advertisements in several strategic places.

7. Media clutters
Your blog should be free from media clutters. If you need to show a video, then it’s fine to do it. However, don’t try to show 5 videos in each post that you write. Keep the image size small so that people will not feel frustrated when they try to load your blog. Large images, too many videos, and auto-playing audio will bring only frustration to your visitors. As a result, they will leave your blog immediately.

Those are 7 reasons why people will say goodbye to your blog as soon as they arrive. If you want to increase traffic to your blog, you should avoid these things that will lower your blog traffic and turn-off your visitors.

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