7 Tips to Find Article Ideas to Write About

Article Ideas to Write AboutAs a blogger, it’s not easy to come with fresh idea to write everyday. Yet, you have to write your post every day if you want to keep stable traffic to your blog. Without having constant stream of good and fresh ideas, it wouldn’t be possible for you to write a single article every day. Here are some tips to find endless stream of article ideas to write on your blog:

Browse Questions and Answers Websites

You can find endless ideas to write on your blog when you take a visit on question and answer websites like Yahoo Answers or Wiki Answers. Just search about your niche in those websites and you’ll find many questions asked by real people who are struggling with the problem in your niche. What you can do is to answer their questions in the form of quality articles. If you can just answer one question per day, you won’t have a difficult time to find ideas for your article.

Simple keyword research

If you’re stuck in finding good ideas to write on your blog, you can just do a simple keyword research. Here’s how you can do it. Insert one keyword related with your topic. Then, you’ll see many related keywords. If you can’t find nice keyword that you feel want to write, you can expand your search and go deeper with the keyword research process. Once you find the keyword you want to write for your blog, put that keyword into Google search engine. The web pages on the search result can be your source of inspiration for your next post.

Google Trends

If you have general blog and want to write a good post, you can find some ideas from Google Trends. Google Trends will give you hundreds of new ideas of current and past trends that you can write on your blog.

Browse article directories

The easiest way to find some ideas for your posts is to browse some article directories. What are the top articles out there? It is very easy to find some ideas by just browsing some article directories for a while. Since articles directories are well-structured, you will not have a difficulty to find ideas related to your niche.

Related blogs

Find 5 related blogs that are popular in your niche. Find their hot posts and recent posts. You can find some ideas about topics that attract lots of attention.


Forum is also a good place for you to find good articles to write. There will be many questions that will be posted on forums. You can just answer those questions with your article. Forum is also a good place to do some research about your topic.

Personal experience

And don’t forget that your personal experience can be used as an idea to write your next post. Just relate your personal experience with your blog topic and you’ll get a fresh new article ready to bring lots of traffic to your blog.

Those are some tips to find endless stream of article ideas to write on your blog. If you’re stuck in finding some ideas for your blog, just follow the tips above to end the usual writer’s block that prevent you from writing your blog post consistently.

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    Very inspiring and I am very glad to have come across this site. Its an excellent source for ideas for those who fall short of ideas to write about.

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