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7 Tips to Increase Amazon Affiliate Revenues

Amazon is the place where you can promote almost any kind of stuff, from digital stuffs to physical stuffs. There are plenty of choices to choose from, which means plenty of opportunities for you. Promoting Amazon products are also easier because people already know what Amazon is, and they will often trust you more as a marketer. They will be more willing to click on your Amazon affiliate link simply because they already trust the merchant. So, if you want to promote Amazon products, here are 7 tips to increase your Amazon affiliate revenues:

How to increase Amazon Affiliate Revenues.1. Create review landing page for your Amazon products
It is good for you to create review landing page for each Amazon product that you want to promote. The landing page can be a simple blogger page or a simple Squidoo lens. Whatever you choose, it is important to have a landing page for each product that you promote.

2. Personal review is always the best
If you look carefully, Amazon has a good review system, which lets people know the quality of the product that they will buy. And in most instances, people will judge the product quality based on the reviews of previous buyers on Amazon. So, it is clear that reviews on Amazon influence buyer’s decision. This is why you should take advantage of this. Create your own honest review about any Amazon products that you’ve bought in the past. This will be your starting point if you don’t know where to start. Upload your review to popular video-sharing websites and give them the link to your landing page for that product.

3. Use your video in your Squidoo lenses
If you are promoting Amazon products, don’t forget that Squidoo is a good channel of promotion for you. If you’ve made some videos about Amazon products, it is good if you publish some Squidoo lenses that feature your videos. Squidoo lens is still a good source to generate Amazon affiliate sales.

4. Take advantage of holidays and special days
People will usually shop more in holidays and special days. So, you should promote more of your Amazon products during holidays and special days. Always set up special promotion campaign during holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Summer Holidays, Halloween, and so on. If you want to make easy sales from Amazon, seasonal promotion will work best for you.

5. Follow the trends
Always take a look and watch what happened at Google Trends. What people currently looking for? Keep your eyes on what’s hot on the market today. Whatever it is, you will always be able to find related product in Amazon for any trend. So, make your blog or website ready to publish new information about the trend and promote related product from Amazon for that information. In this way, you can boost your Amazon earnings easily.

6. Use Amazon WordPress plugin
There are many good Amazon plugins that can help you to promote Amazon product better. So, if you have a WordPress blog, make sure to install one of these Amazon plugins in your blog. It will make your promotion flow easily.

7. Increase your book sales by inspiring your readers
If you are promoting books on Amazon, make sure to promote them in a unique way. If you want to promote a book, for example, it is better for you to write a good story about how the book inspire you and share Amazon link for that book to your readers. It is a better promotion method than just saying to your readers here is a good book to read. Tell your readers what’s special about the book and so on. It will increase your Amazon book affiliate sales significantly.

Those are 7 tips to increase your Amazon affiliate revenue. If you want to make more money from Amazon, you should consider applying those tips in your next promotion campaign.

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