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Better Web Design to Increase Sales and Improve Conversion Rate

The Internet is now filled with online businesses and stores that are looking to makes sales and earn from their websites. The competition has become so fierce in every niche these days, hence in order to be successful in any online business, you will have to be proactive and you will have to do things that will make you stand out of the crowd!

Improve conversion rateThere has been a continuous debate going on among Internet Marketers and Web designers about the  impact of design and usability in the success of any given website. Even though most of the websites you see today are professionally designed and have a lot of dollars paid to build them, you can still see thousands of unprofessional and poorly designed websites, that don’t attract customers at all.

Webmasters that don’t apply proper usability tactics in their websites, are losing good amount of revenue, and they should make some changes, sometimes small tweaks are enough to make a website go from a fail to success.

First and the most important thing to do when it comes to increasing the conversion rate of any given website, is Audit. In audit, we see if it’s the design that is casein the customers to leave the website before making a purchase or there is something else going on in your website. This audit can be done by professionals or by simple web users, ask your family members or friends to visit your website being in the shoes of a potential customers, and tell you how they feel being on your website and what attracts or repels them.

After the Audit, make changes according the reviews made by people that you asked. Your main goal of any change that you make to your website should be to give your customers exactly what they are looking for without having to visit a lot pages and without signing up on your website. Use strong call to actions that tell your customers exactly what your product is all about and how it can benefit them.

Make sure that your design is good and site structure is clear. Users are able to easily find out about what different pages on your website. Some time a lot of graphics and animations make your website slow to load, this is also a big reason why users close down your’s and search the product somewhere else.

Whenever you are designing a website for your business or store, make sure that the website is user friendly, and easy to navigate and browse, because without that you cannot expect a lot of conversions from your online store.

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