A Common Man Review of Windows 7

Windows is a premium operating system which is used all around the world by many. It is used by the businessmen in the corporate world because of its excellent corporate solutions and it is used at home by the ordinary users because of its ease of use and varied functionality. You can almost do all kind of tasks using the windows operating system. A home user will never find a need for any other operating system.

The Microsoft has worked on improving the windows since its early days. This has lead to major changes in the windows with time. Every time Microsoft plans a major upgrade, they release a new version, the latest of them being Microsoft windows 7.

Microsoft windows 7 is superior to Windows XP and Windows Vista. It is said that it has taken the reliability and compatibility of windows XP and has improved on the design and the user friendliness on windows Vista. It may seem a common man’s observation but it is true in some way. If you technically look at the details of windows 7, the focus of the Microsoft seems on the same aspect.

Windows 7 supports many new technologies. It also manages the memory more efficiently. This means that if you are running a game on your PC which has Windows XP on 2gb RAM and you are doing the same on Windows 7, windows 7 would be able to handle that amount of RAM in a more efficient way giving you better game performance. This is true for all the programs running in the environment of windows 7. This means that the memory management has greatly improved and now the software will perform better because of this.

The Microsoft has always worked to improve the visual effects. They have done so in their latest Windows as well. Windows 7 is dynamic. You will see vibrant graphics and a much improved and user friendly atmosphere. The color schemes and the graphic treatment is excellent and it beats all other operating systems in this aspect. Even the log on screen is much improved and it charms the senses.

Windows 7 is now easily available in almost all the countries. You can easily find it at any computer software store. Even if you can not, you always have the option to download it from the Microsoft. They offer it on their website. You can choose among various variations of the windows 7 called its editions. Every edition is targeted to a different audience and it meets the needs of that category of the market. You will find it easy to select the right edition of Microsoft windows 7 according to your needs whether they are relating to multimedia or business.

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    Davor Gasparevic
    December 19, 2009 at 20:10

    do you use windows 7?

    Some of my friends downloaded it, but (like usual) noticed some bugs and errors…

    I also considered downloading it, but then I figured out it would be too much hassle for me to do, or in other words, I was too lazy to do it :).

    • Reply
      December 20, 2009 at 01:08

      Yes, I have windows installed of one or two of the offices computers, I like the graphics .. It’s perfect for personal and entertainment use!!

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