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SEO SpecialistThere are many, many SEO specialists out there, but becoming a really good one takes a lot of work. You must know what makes a specialist an expert. An expert SEO specialist will know that building a website that will hit high on the search engine rankings is more than just packing it full of keywords. The expert will know the proper use of Principle keywords, the words that target the main subject or products on your website. They will also know the proper use of Lateral and Secondary keywords. Lateral keywords are descriptive terms that help to narrow down your topic. Secondary keywords are words that are indirectly related to your website’s principle keywords, but might be used when by the person searching for your product or something related to it. Any good specialist will understand that you cannot use just one form of these keywords, you must use a combination of the three in order to optimize your search engine results. Using all three will allow you a broad range of keywords that can be used, making your site much more reader friendly. You must understand that search engine rankings are not just about keywords searches. Search engine rankings are also about strategic website design and good copywriting.

SEO SpecialistWebsite design is easy. Anyone can do it. But not everyone can do it effectively. Effective and successful website design incorporates several different concepts. Your navigational structure needs to be clear and well planned. It should be easy for both the user and the search engines to navigate their way through your site. Your ad copy should be professional and clean. It should tell the user what they need to know in a way that both attracts them to your product or service and clues the search engine to what is on your site. This is the tricky part. You need to clue the search engine in without alerting it to the fact that the site has been SEO’d. If the search engine picks up on the SEO, it will trigger a spam filter that may or may not exclude you from the listing that the search engine generates. The source code for your website should be clean and debris free. Unnecessary code will confuse the search engine and it will not pick up the website as easily. Your titles and meta-tags should be created to clearly identify your keywords and keyword phrases. A word of caution, though. Do not pack your titles and meta-tags full of your keywords or phrases. Do it discreetly. Otherwise, you again risk triggering the spam filters. Lastly, make sure the links on your site are clear and easy to find.

The bottom line in website design is that a well thought out, expertly designed website with professional content that includes the whole range of keywords, instead of only one, will generate better results with SEO than any other. Lastly, once you become an expert at SEO, make sure that everyone knows that your are an expert at SEO. The only way you will earn a good income as an SEO specialist is to become an SEO expert, and let everyone know you are.

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