Advertising Mantra through Gifts

Advertising Mantra Through GiftsFor those who serve the giant corporate are quite familiar with the idea of corporate gifting. Gifts and presents are a sweet of saying you are special and important to us, that is the general idea behind gifting people. Corporate have also adopted this age old technique of making personnel feel special by giving them gifts for their contribution to a project and or the company.

The feel good factor is a momentary thing and will last as long as the moment does but will certainly leave memories for the person to look back and relive the moment again. The moment when people around him made an effort to make him feel important.

The most popular corporate gifts are gift vouchers or cash vouchers of a nice branded outlet, paid family holidays to a tourist spot, bonus. Most of these are to compliment a person on his contribution to a project or for handling a dicey situation in the office. A gift is a sweet gesture to make the employee feel at home and will then eventually develop an emotional bond with his employer, his work and the company.

With employees increasingly spending more hours at work than at home on any given day. Employers and the human resources department have worked numerous ways to make employees comfortable while working late hours in office. Celebrating birthdays of employees is a ritual besides awarding them during the Annual General Meetings (AGM). Certainly the snack bar and coffee machine will look into the employees break time needs, a certain level recreational activity will make the employee more active while at work.

Usually during AGMs employees are found in a uniform company T-shirts and coffee mugs celebrating their get together and success. Certain branded corporate merchandise is also a decent giveaway like mouse mats, shoulder bags, pens and notepads, paper weights, calendars, etc with the company’s logo and mission statement on it. Most of these gifting options can be used in the office and or can be taken home. This is a very effective tool to propagate company culture beyond office hours through the employee.

One of the most important parameter to judge the credentials of a company is through its clients and also its employees. A satisfied employee will always be productive and generate positive vibes for the company, such that everyone would aspire to be a part of the company staff. It’s true when a person develops an emotional bond with his work, he will always prioritize it even against his family.

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