Advertising through Coffee Mugs

The strong and explicit branding of PETA, an NGO which believes in fighting for animal rights and vegetarianism has managed to strip many top notch actors and models to promote its cause and beliefs. The advertisements definitely turn heads irrespective of the fact whether they manage to change the minds of the on-looker. Branding has taken a whole new level as on today.

The hoarding on the busy traffic signals of the highways, signboards, newspaper front pages to the notebook covers; all of them have it on them. Many promoting some or the other cause or an initiative. Several promotional mugs and bags are available with the branding on the organisation or the event and most of them are for sale.

IPL mugs have been a craze ever since it started and each mug is available for almost Rs.200 and above. Many of these uniquely designed promotional mugs are for sale to generate funds for the organizational activities. While the IPL mug is just cashing in on the craze, not necessarily supporting any cause.

Coffee MugThe red Nescafe mug is usually available as a freebie with the coffee bottle. This conspicuous red coloured mug has attracted many buyers to the coffee. A nice mug is a very thoughtful promotional item which can be regularly used by the customer. This will always guarantee sustained branding within the house of the buyer and will ensure that he comes around again when he runs out of coffee. This mug is essentially to promote Nescafe than any other cause.

Combing coffee and a baring act may remind you of Mr. Coffee advertisement starring Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan which created quite a stir almost a decade ago. Whatever happened to the coffee brand, the union between Maliaka and Arbaaz is still talk of the town.

Mugs are useful items and also durable, hence it gives enough time for the message and the brand name to sink into the users mind. Promotional mugs are also excellent collectibles from restaurants, charity events, carnivals and vacation spots reminding us of the quality time spent on these occasions. Mugs are excellent gifting options as they acts as memorabilia reminding us of the person and the occasions every time we use them.

like mugs find their way into our lifestyle. Thereby this kind of an endorsement has more impact than a naked picture. The mugs to which we develop a bond with are far more long lasting than to a blink and miss nude models in an advertisement.

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