Airbnb Joins the Club of the Highly Valued Startups

Airbnb Housing RentalAirbnb, well known online rental platform has raised $555 million. Although this fundraiser could climb to $850 million. This round should allow the online rental platform to reach a valuation of $30 billion. Airbnb claims over 2 million homes in 34,000 cities worldwide, located in 191 countries.

Airbnb has just completed a round of $555 million table from Google Capital Technology Crossover Ventures, according to the Wall Street Journal. This amount is still far from the $850 million expected by analysts, however the rental housing platform between individuals continue discussions to add another $300 million to this rising, according to sources close the Californian start-up. This brings the total amount invested by Airbnb since its creation to nearly $4 billion.

According to this data, the platform is expected to reach a valuation of $30 billion, which would place it fourth in the ranking of the best highly valued start-ups in the world, according to a list compiled by CB Insights behind Uber ($68 billion), Xiaomi ($46 billion) and Didi Chuxing ($33.8 billion) that make up the top three worldwide.

Founded in 2008 by Nathan Blecharczyk, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky, Airbnb boasts over 2 million homes in 34,000 cities worldwide, located in 191 countries. The Californian startup also says that they served more than 60 million passengers in it’s eight years of existence.

These 555 extra million dollars should allow Airbnb to continue its transformation to become a leading platform of services to the travelers. In this sense, the rental hosting platform owner has acquired the Spanish marketplace Trip4real, which allows to connect tourists with residents of the region in order to allow them to take part in local activities.

Since this summer, Airbnb also tests Airbnb Trips, an application that offers travelers personalized itineraries, places to visit, restaurants and bars. The multiplication of these operations gradually transformed the American platform to a performing tool to organize the stay of travelers worldwide following the example of

Here is an info graphic on how Airbnb started:

Airbnb start

Key Data about Airbnb:

Founders: Nathan Blecharczyk, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky.
Creation: 2008.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California.
Activity: Rental housing platform between individuals.
Funding: $ 555 million in September 2016.

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