Allo The New Smart Google Messenger Application

To stand out from its many competitors, the US giant count on artificial intelligence.

After Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat or Telegram, a new instant messaging app arrives on iOS and Android. Originally scheduled for the summer, Google has finally launched Allo Wednesday, September 21.

Like a traditional messenger service, the mobile application can exchange text and multimedia content with contacts. But apart from its many competitors, Google set on artificial intelligence. In the end, Allo is a mix between the personal assistant Siri from Apple, the application of Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, very popular among young people.

Here is the official video introduced by Google about it’s new messenger app “Allo”

Google Allo appSuggested Answers

Allo offers the opportunity to draw on photographs and send emoji and stickers (“stickers”) to friends, as proposed by the first application of the famous ghost in yellow.

The most interesting feature that this new mobile application have to offer is especially the “Suggested response”. Allo analyzes text and images exchanged in a conversation to be able to suggest possible answers to its users. She is able to recognize a landscape from an animal, and will suggest words or phrases as “beautiful”, “cute”, “really nice” “beautiful sunset!” to send back to your contacts. There can be mistakes, but as long as the Allo app will be used the possibility to refine his answers get better and better. And it is of course possible to type his response normally without using this system.

Did you install the new Google Allo messenger ? If yes, share your user experience with us!

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