An Overview of Internet Explorer 9

Although the next version of Internet Explorer is far from the final stage and also its competitors, Microsoft launched a preview site and a platform for Internet Explorer 9. In the lines below we see which are the main differences between IE9 and the other browsers IE8 and Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

What’s new in Internet Explorer in September?

Microsoft’s focus in this new version of Internet Explorer web page rendering speed and support for Web standards. The most interesting feature of the new browser support for HTML5 is the future, the new Web standard that is still in development. IE9 HTML5 allows browsers and other plugins to stop audio / video multimedia content now necessary web pages. If we add and improved support for CSS3 and a better JavaScript engine, IE9 has all the prerequisites for a modern browser, fast and efficient.

How will the interface look IE9?

It’s pretty early to pronounce about IE9 interface. Platform Preview made available by Microsoft is not a full browser and is definitely not a good indicator about the final version IE9. However, given the success enjoyed by Chrome, a clean interface, with few menus and options should be the direction towards which to aim and IE9.

What is this platform IE9 preview?

Microsoft said that this preview is basically a way for developers to test web sites to see if and how they can implement HTML5 elements.

What options are presented in this exciting platform preview?

Microsoft has released several demos that highlight the technological capability to work with JavaScript IE9, HTML5 accelerated graphics and animations. Demo’s are very simple, such as the zoom on a map, creating a T-shirt design and a few balls GPU accelerated graphics. Of course, in order to test all these demos you will need to download and install the Platform Preview.

You could run this IE9 preview on my system?

If you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista, yes. If you should have Windows Vista installed Internet Explorer 8 (if you do not have it already) and Platform Update for Windows Vista (VS.85). Aspx, an upgrade that allows the operating system to use some technologies implemented in Windows 7. Although IE9 Platform Preview is available only in 32-bit version, and will go on 64-bit systems (Windows 7 and Vista).

Unfortunately Windows XP will not work because some drivers IE9 is based on first introduced in Windows 7 and Vista.

When it IE9 ready?

So far no one knows the exact date. Microsoft wants to launch a Beta version IE9 after gathering enough feedback from users preview platform. In any case, it may take several months to see a final version IE9.

What capabilities will IE9 Beta version?

Currently it is not known, but obviously all demos preview version should be present in beta.

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