Android Phones vs iPhone 4S iOS 5

iOS 5 vs Android PhonesThe increasing demand of Apple’s iPhone 4S is understandable as it is giving fastest dual core processor, Siri voice control assistance and amazing 8 megapixel camera. Today the top Android mobile phone such as the Samsung Galaxy 11, give the bundles of features that you love to use. So which is the number 1 choice? iPhone 4S or Android phone? Let’s talk about different functionalities of both technologies to check that which side you have to choose.

As the interface that will see on iPhone 4S is not the new but it offers ease of use especially if you are going to purchase the Smartphone for the first time. The iOS 5 is designed neatly with dynamic capabilities and catches the Android phone with the notification area. On the other side, a number of Android phones allow you to do a lot from their notification area. Samsung Galaxy 11 lets you to clasp the wireless radios off and on. But! iPhone 4S is more flexible and provides the user friendly interface. So if you want a Smartphone with beautiful and easy to use interface then you should prefer the Apple’s iPhone mobile device.

Multitasking is the most important feature that every customer checks before going to buy a device. In Apple’s iPhone mobile device, it is quite easy to switch between several applications available on your iPhone. What you need to do is simple double tap your finger on the home button and then swipe to other application. To close applications, hold the screen and “X” button simultaneously that you see next to the icon of application.

In Android mobile phone, you have to press the home button for long time to swipe to other application and you might see the division of the entire applications that are currently running on Android device. If you want to close any application from this view, you cannot close any program. It is clear now that iPhone 4S is better than Android device in multitasking also.

Screen size and quality:
It seems that the LCD resolution of Apple’s iPhone device is higher than several Android phones. The display is not much crisper but if you compare it to the Android device then you will find than the iPhone 4S offer the brighter screen display than cast majority of the Android phones. On the other hand, the bigger screen of iPhone is easy to read for eye and you do not need to zoom in to read the text. Some android phone such as the Galaxy S 11 and the Droid RAZR also provide the improved contrast and colors and due to this reason they are great to watch the movies. iPhone 4S big screen also offers a clear display and most shoppers just prefer the screen size so iPhone 4S is best in all.

But if you are on a budget and you need a smart phone that can satisfy the geek on you; because not anyone can afford an iPhone 4S; you should go for Android phones as they are offering at lowest and competitive prices, with a large applications market which allows users to do video conferencing easily and you can find great Android weather applications too, as you can make use of the Ice Cream Sandwich great feature.

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