Apple’s iPhone Continuous Innovation

Apple iPhone InnovationIn January 2007, Apple launched the first iPhone and made it available in the market. Tthis amazing device is just like the palmtop computer, it was so cool tha time to have a cell-phone like the iPhone! You can use it to make and receive calls, listen to music, watch movies, connect with friends, browse internet, check email and text messages and much more.. You can take your photos and record videos with its built in camera, import photos from PC to it and manage everything by using applications that made it easy and fun to everybody. You can say I have a small computer in my pocket and I can do everything in it that I do with my desktop computer. So what I want more if I have the coolest and smartest device?

After one year of iPhone first release, Apple introduced the second version of the same iPhone device. They got a great success in the first generation and this encouraged them to launch the second age group iPhone with few changes in it. The second generation of Apple’s iPhone can work on cellular networks and contains a GPS receiver. These two features made this device more demanded. It allows you to see the satellite date and map from Google map, a built in app in Apple’s iPhone device.

After releasing the second generation, Apple started working on next generation iPhone and then this iPhone version series started. In 2009 Apple brought in the iPhone 3GS that contain more storage capacity as compared to previous iPhone models. It offers a better camera and video recording at 30 frames per second. Another novel feature added to Apple’s iPhone 3GS is compass, you’ll need this feature when searching yout way through unknown territory. iOS 3.0 also launched in 2009, came with much improvements in several features, like the ability to cut and paste the content. In 2012, Apple launched the iPhone 4, a few months later the new iPhone 4S which became the most demanded device in the mobile market. It has two cameras, moreover, it offers a better resolution than previous models.. Well! The series does not end here. Apple is continuously working to produce more and more products to make their customers happier, taking market shares, making big profit and most of all to prove the continuous innovation: The Apple way!

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