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Lake of ArkansasArkansas is pretty unique state. In fact, one of its most unique features is the fact that it shares the border with six different states! With an eastern border made up of mostly Mississippi and parts of the Ouachita and Ozarks Mountain ranges located in the state, the terrain of Arkansas is very diverse.

           Welcom to Arkansas

The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock and the state got its name from a native America tribal word that meant People of the south wind. Arkansas was first explored by Hernando de Sota sometime near the end of the 16th century and was made a part of the United States with the famous Louisiana Purchase. Arkansas also has several parks that are part of the national park system and is the birth place of Maya Angelou, Johnny Cash, Bill Clinton and many more. Arkansas is a unique state full of diverse geography and many national parks.

Map of Arkansas:

Arkansas Map

What do you think of this state? Do you live or ever visited the state of Arkansas? Please feel free to share your experience with us!

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