Asian Mysteries: Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is an island, a city and a country at the same time. It is situated 137 kilometers from the Ecuador, in the southern area of the Malay Peninsula, and the Malaysian state Johor. It is also one of the most important tourist destinations of Asia, and a preferred entertainment area for European and American young people.

Although we are talking about a heavily industrialized city, the Singapore tourism is not neglected. You could buy the Singapore tourist guide practically from any corner, and the people are more than happy to help you. While you are walking trough the city, you will probably be amazed by the language diversity, the happiness of people and the number of entertainment venues available.

Usually, the Singapore place presents the best destinations in the city, starting with the Colonial City. This place is mostly suited for the eldest tourists that want to know more about this fascinating city. However, there are also other Singapore tourism destinations, such as the Arab St. or the Little India. The cultural diversity is at home here, and even if you will hear all the languages of the world here, you will do just fine with English.

The Singapore tourist guide is usually written in English. You will find your next Singapore tourism here, the Little India.
On the first sight, you will believe this is a slum from an Indian city. Well, the small vendors are not as poor as you might think. They are only staying in those humble small houses because this is their birth place, and the stores are profitable. You can find rare silks and spices, the finest perfumes and also sweets that you can’t taste in any other place of the world. The complete Singapore tourist guide contains the names of those items and also the average price. Even if the Singaporean vendors like to negotiate, you will have to know the prices at least for orientation.

The Night Safari is a huge Zoo with over 1000 species of animals, and 100 rare endangered species. You will also have the possibility to visit the Botanical Garden which is one of the biggest in the world with over 600 000 species of plants.

The musical fountain is a true piece of art, with 19 formations that can reach 20 meters, dancing between lights and colors. Singapore is one of the luxury destinations, the prices range being huge: from 30 dollars a night to 600 dollars for a single room in one of the 5 stars luxurious hotels.

The food has influences from all the nations living on the island. Besides the classical Indian, Arabian, Chinese, and English foods, you will also have the chance to taste some unique foods made by the local chefs. However, the Singaporeans are eating the same thing for breakfast lunch and dinner, and nobody would consider you weird if you are ordering bacon and eggs in the evening and steak in the morning. This is why it is not a good idea to leave the menu ideas at the disposal of the local chefs.

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