Asus Router Supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac: RT-AC66U

ASUS has announced the release of a new model of high-performance router RT-AC66U, having the support of standard Wi-Fi connection of the fifth generation – 802.11ac (5G Wi-Fi). Recall that standard has several advantages compared to common standards, which is currently IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n.

Asus RT AC66U RouterIn particular, it provides a data transfer rate at 1 GB/s, which is 3 times greater than the possibility of 802.11n, it is also stated to use 80 MHz channels, which is 2 times greater than the possibility of 802.11n.

The new router ASUS RT-AC66U is a dual-band solution; it supports the ability to work in the frequency range of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This provides total bandwidth at 1.75 GB/s. According to the manufacturer, this new product is one of the first devices on the market capable of providing such a large data transfer rate. This was achieved thanks to the amplifier signal ASUS Ai-Radar. It is noted that the presented model has a function to set up all ASUSWRT, support for IPv6, multiple SSID. In addition, thanks to the USB device, it can act as a print server. Among the features include highlighted support for FTP and DLNA. It’s newly made in the design of Black Diamond and is equipped with three antennas.

Information on the timing of the start of sales and the value of the suggested retail price of the router ASUS RT-AC66U has not yet been reported.

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