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Baby Steps for Twitter Beginners

Twitter for BeginnersSo you’re on twitter now and you have just made your very first tweet! Great, but you see that you have no followers.. You’re talking to an empty room. You may get mad and say how stupid twitter is, but that is completely normal. This isn’t Myspace where you have at least one friend when joining. However, you have to remember we all started somewhere, especially the twitter addicts who tweet all day and all night.

Get your profile ready to be read! There should be a bar on the top that will lead you to your settings. Remember that twitter is just like any other social network on the net. You need to completely express yourself and allow others to know who you really are. No reason to be fake, your tweets will eventually show who you are.

Once you have your profile up and running — as well as up to date with your information. You should start following people — this is part of the entire concept of twitter. You can find people in twitter directories or you can just use the search function. Search for your interest and hobbies.

Nobody likes a spammer, so don’t spam links, images, videos constantly. It fustrates and annoys everyone. Spamming will also cause you to lose a lot of your followers.

Keep your followers updated daily! Your followers will unfollow you if they’re not being updated to daily. Their is no reason for them to keep following a person that doesn’t provide unique, fun, or the latest news. So tweet as often as possible. Keep your followers happy.

Twitter is about building and networking relationships. A lot of twitters need help throughout the day with various things. If you’re an expert at something, help them! This will gain you more followers and show that you’re a helpful and reliable person. Showing others that you’re reliable will help you grow your network too.

Twitter can be a boring,useless, and a destructive waste of time if you let it be. Or, you can make it a positive, fun, and time well spent. What twitter is and does is up to you.

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    Nice posting, everytime when i use twitter i used to think that i addicted to twitter but its bad i love it, thanks for sharing

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