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Backlinks Value: Link Exchange Trick

I recently came accidentally across a method that an important part of webmasters are doing to create one-way backlinks. I wanted to share this in the SEO topic since it’s directly related to backlinks SEO value.

When you exchange links with other sites you always do the obvious, you check for the nofollow attribute, robots meta tag and iframe injecting. Those methods are used to “block” or “not give value” to outbound links on the web page, which would make your link to them a one-way link and much more valuable.

I’ve started to see lately a lot of webmasters using the robots.txt file to block link pages when doing link exchanges, yes a web page can have a Pagerank value if it’s only blocked by robots.txt, it won’t crawl or index the web page, but the inbound link value is still passed.

So, another method to check when doing link exchanges is to verify the page(s) your link is appearing on isn’t blocked via robots.txt, or when you check your link exchanges to make sure they are still valid. I have a feeling most of you will run out and check this and find atleast one webmaster pulling this manipulative method off.

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