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Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an internet based business model whereby affiliates receive commission from each sale that they are responsible for. This usually means driving internet traffic to the web pages that sell the products that are being promoted. One important factor to consider when choosing a product to promote is the commission that you receive for selling that product. Higher commissions attract more affiliate marketers and therefore bring in more sales.

It is agreed among most experts that Clickbank is the number 1 place to go if you are looking to promote an affiliate product. At Clickbank there are thousands of products to promote. They are all ebook type products and therefore in digital format. This means that affiliate marketers are able to receive very large commissions. A lot of products there give out commissions as high as %75. To promote a product all you need to do is sign up at Clickbank, which is free. Then pick a product and that you want to promote. Then an affiliate link can be obtained. This is a url which when clicked on goes to the sales page of the product that is being promoted. If people buy the product then you will receive a commission, because they had to click on your affiliate url in order to get to the sales page.

There are many ways to promote products. One common way is to build a website, which reviews the product you are promoting as an affiliate marketer. At the end of the review you would have your affiliate link. So that if they liked the description of the product in your review, they may click on the link and go on to buy the product giving you a commission. Other methods are using PPC programs such as Google Adwords. This requires some investment initially, because you will pay for traffic at a per visitor basis. Whereas the making a website method is practically free, apart from the cost of a domain. You can get around this by getting a blog, which is free.

Apart from Clickbank there are other places where you can sign up to be an affiliate marketer. Commission Junction is a popular choice, it is very similar to Clickbank. Ebay also has an affiliate marketing program. Here the same principles apply. You need to drive internet traffic to the ebay website and then if your driven traffic converts to sales you will receive a commission. You may be more successful with the ebay affiliate marketing program due to the popularity of the ebay brand.

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