Best 7 Google Adsense Wordpess Plugins

As most of webmasters may know, WordPress is highly custom able in a way that made Google Adsense ads placement an easy task. Anyway, it may be a little difficult for some bloggers, especially with some composed templates like mine.

So, in this post I’ll introduce 7 of the best Wordpess plugins for Adsense ads. Please note that this is based on my own experience, nothing official.

Best 7 WordPress plugins for Google Adsense:

Adsense Deluxe: Provide advanced options to manage automatically the insertion and placement of Google Adsense ads or even YPN ( Yahoo Publisher Network ). With that plugin you can easily switch all the ads placement and colors with a simple click.

Adsense Inline: This plugin will help you to insert Google Ads into blog posts.

AdSense Manager: With that plugin, you have the possibility to generate the ad code and it also allows positioning with widgets.

Author Adsense MU Plugin: using that plugin, you are allowed to set an admin ID and the ratio of admin ads to bloggers ads.

AdSense Widget for WordPress Sidebar: This plugin is designed for the new WordPress Sidebar Widgets plug-in.

AdRotator WordPress Plugin: If you want to rotate your Google Adsense ads with other ads or affiliate banners (whatever), this plugin is the right choice for you. That will help you to test what’s type of ads perform well with your blog too.

And if you want to check your adsense stats from your WordPress admin panel you may choose the Adsense Earnings WordPress Plugin.

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  • For some weird reason, the plugin didn't work on my blog and there is no other information I could get from the official developer site.

    But still thanks for the heads up and keep up the good work, buddy.


  • Zak

    This is an awesome collection of adsense plugins and in fact, Adsense Earnings is something that I have been looking for. Thanks for the sharing it with us.