Best Android Weather Applications of All Time

Android Weather ApplicationsThere are various incidents in which people suffer as they could not predict the weather. Due to their busy schedule, they don’t have time to go through news channels or newspapers. In such stringent situation, weather forecasting can simply be known by using Android weather application. However, there are several weather apps in Android marketplace but still people find it difficult to find the best weather apps available in the market. First of all, people should scrutinize about their requirement because different apps have different usages. Weather has a huge impact on the lives of people irrespective of their lifestyle and profession. Most of the travelers may have used certain weather applications but they should sort them out specifically depending upon their criteria.

The Weather Channel AndroidThe Weather Channel is the top-most downloaded Android weather application. The best part of the application lies in the day-by-day performance improvement features which are added by application developer almost every day. People can not avail these updated features from any website but they can contact authentic developers for specific recommendations. There are various advantages as well as astonishing features associated with The Weather Channel. First of all, My Places allows users to go through the present weather reports of all the cities and they can get more details related to a particular city. Moreover, they provide 10 days weather forecasting which can help users to plan their schedule accordingly. This forecasting is based upon genuine satellite generated information.

People can assess their surroundings by going through a video forecast in their Android smartphone. They continuously keep on updating the current status. There are eight different map layers and people can get genuine weather update for next 36 hours. This feature is already present in many other weather applications but its best part lies in the way it is represented.

WeatherBug AndroidWeatherBug is another astonishing weather application with mobile platform oriented user interface. There is a unique feature in this application which allows users to share the weather information on with the help of Twidroid. People get direct notifications about the present weather conditions which are based upon their current location. Therefore, people can analyze the chances of rain as well as temperature status without tapping any button on their Android phone. There are different screens in which user interface is designed with delicate slide animations. There are live weather cams with rotational ability in some advanced smart phones.

Android iMap WeatheriMap Weather is another advanced application which possesses unique feature of radar loops. This can be really useful when user cannot concentrate on reading the specifications. There is another Follow Me application where user’s current location keeps on getting updated as one moves from one location to another. This can assist user in finding a way out when they get caught in heavy rain or storm. Moreover, users can zoom on a particular continent, nation, state, metropolis and street to get a better view of the locality. This application is very simple in design, operation and features which makes it optimum for users looking for simplicity. These are the three best Android weather applications of all time.

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