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Content is something that people want to see. Remains the question why people continue to fill their sites with useless graphics that waste traffic? Visitors looking for the network information are normally displayed in text form. Good quality and content on the theme of the site must be technique. It has a huge effect on the results of search engines. However, this fact often remains unheeded!

Network is a free source of information. The reason for this is that there is a high-quality documents containing good content. Search engines help people find what they care by systematically send their spiders to review and classified sites. Sites are ranked according to how their words approach to consumer demand. As more useful information on the site for the user, an appropriate request, the more up in the ranking will appear site. Through special techniques you can build very well optimized site, but bad content will not rank well in the lists of search engines. Sometimes optimizer benefit from the way search engines algorithms work, artificial climb up the site lists – but it worked briefly. To do this optimization ethical and legal – site must be filled with content!

In 2001, for example, each optimizer would you say that you must have Meta tags keywords and description of the site. For then this approach was correct, but now there is no difference whether you add Meta tags to the code of the site or not for a search engine especially like Google. This shows that optimization industry is changing constantly and must track the introduction of new techniques to make sites that are headed as rated. This is even the most important advice to Optimizer.

For now, most sites on the Internet are not well optimized. Many sites still contain too brief description of their contents. These include many sites selling different products. But how will it sell if you cannot attract enough customers? Another type of error that could allow even a content site with good quality is that, if written by a professional writer, and not the optimizer can fall down as rated. In this very controversial issue: whether to change well-structured text for quality optimization, or sacrificing good ranking in search engines to keep the professional composition? Good balance between the two is a decision that requires competence.

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