Bills on your Table iPhone Application Review

Nowadays, it can be rather troublesome to keep track of all our bills at a regular basis. Recently, Powerybase has launched an iPhone app that will help you organize and manage all of your bills in one place. This app has various helpful apps including free push notifications and a reminder function so that you will remember all of your bills. Simply input the pertinent information like due date, amount and repeating bill or not. Then select a category the bill is in and any other notes you wanted to be reminded of. As soon as you have paid your bill just tap on the “Pay” button so that bill will not be entered to your Overdue list. If you have set up an Autopay option with your bank, you can select the Autopay option for that specific bill.

Located at the main Bills page you can see the upcoming bills due within 30 days and also any overdue bills. Tapping on the Stats tab, you can see the amount of paid and unpaid bills plus all the bills based on categories. You don’t have to worry about any sensitive information being leaked because this app includes a Passcode lock option. There are also features to access and manage your Bills online through their servers.

Another cool feature is that this app supports 170 currencies so it can still be helpful if you travel abroad. Also this app is quite user friendly with a slick and simple user interface. On the other hand, this app does not have an option for partial payments like for credit card bills. Luckily there is room for improvement since the developers are always interested in feedback. All in all, this is a very effective app to help manage and organize your bills in a regular business. We definitely recommend this app for those of you that are quite business or live very hectic lives so they will not fall into debt.

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