Biomass: One of the Best Green Energy Ideas

A lot of people have heard about biomass but they don’t know exactly what it is. Being in a century when things happen very fast, there is a lot of important information that skips our ears. Biomass green energy is one of them. Biomass represents organic material changed into electricity and heat producers through some special procedures. The biomass can be plants, animal waste or wood.

One of the most common and simple ways of producing energy using biomass is through combustion. The simple procedure of burning the biomass results in energy. However, trough biomass you can produce both hot air and electricity. Therefore, it is a great way of heating your house or your house using green energy. For this to happen, the biomass has to be burned in a special furnace that delivers hot air to your home or your office.

CHP is a very common method of producing both heat and power. Combined Heat and Power is one of the important features that biomass has and it is a great multiple purpose green energy. Think about reducing the costs and the limited energy consumption. Both of these things are easy to do through biomass.

One less known fact is that between biomass and solar sources, the first green energy type produces far more energy. This is absolutely normal because with solar cells, the energy is stored while with burning biomass, the solar energy has already been stored by animals and plants.

While wind and solar energy are dependable on the weather and you have to collect them in order to produce green energy, biomass is already there and with the available technologies we can use today, it does not matter if it is a rainy or a sunny day, we can produce enough of green energy. The great thing is that biomass is a renewable energy and it can cut the costs of energy in a lot of countries.

One of the disadvantages of biomass is that you have to burn animals and plants for producing the needed energy. This can be an important pollution factor and many scientists are worried about this aspect. However, the future of biomass is bright because there are special furnaces and we can create low polluting ones that can help us reduce the costs and the pollution while producing green energy.

Plants help humans by consuming the carbon dioxide out of the air and one way of encouraging that is through planting trees and plants in ex oil extraction fields. There are a lot of these fields in the world.

With biomass, wind and solar energy we can replace the conventional energy producers. These are all renewable and green energy producers. These days, we have to take care of our descendants future because if we do not do anything to protect, it will be probably too late for them to do something. Biomass in one of the answers.

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    Harden Punk
    September 10, 2010 at 14:30

    Great piece! If one is serious about reducing green house gases, you have two options: Smither’s nuke plant or wide-scale adoption of smart biomass technology. There are no other alternatives, at the moment, for base load energy generation.

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