BlackBerry Bold vs iPhone 3G

Do you like comparisons? Yes, you must be. Before buying any smart phone you like to compare between two high profile phones. There are two very similar smart phones available today that has taken the interest of the people and selling in huge quantity, The BlackBerry Bold and the iPhone 3G. Let’s have a look on their exciting features and compare them.

Black Berry Bold Versus iPhone 3G:

Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3GThe BlackBerry Bold is incredibly well constructed phone, and it can stay with you as long as you want it to be. It is also a light weight device.

Whereas the iPhone 3G is also built very sound. The inside of the phone is very nice and great.


The BlackBerry Bold looks very spotless and intelligent. Its face is black, the sides of the phone are chrome and the backside is black leather. The layout is quite simple and easy to understand.

The iPhone 3G is certainly becoming a world logo as the smartest phones among people. The 3G comes in two different colors that are black and white. The features of iPhone are quite accessible and easy to use.

The BlackBerry Bold is superior in size as compared to the 8800, and is the biggest in dimension since the 8700.

The iPhone 3G is a slim phone which is easy to hold and easier to hold in a single hand. The BlackBerry Bold is little bit heavier than iPhone. The iPhone3G has got smaller keyboard. The screen, graphics, content, videos, Cam everything is very excellent in iPhone. All these features of BlackBerry are also great. The keyboard is big that is why easy to use, whereas the keyboard of the iPhone device is virtual. It can be nice for the people who like touch screens but not well for those who like the real keyboard to type.

Operating system:

Many people enjoy the operating system of the BlackBerry. The operating system of the iPhone is quite advance in technology. It competes as a top iPhone in terms of technologically advance operating system.

Battery life:

The battery life of the BlackBerry is little bit better than the iPhone.

There are many other things that can be compared in between these two phones but in all you can read the whole comparison discussed yet and make a fine decision.

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