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Building Trust before Selling Products Online

If you are a sales people or business owner who is reading this article and you do not already have a strong online presence, you need to immediately start learning more about building trust before selling your product or service through the internet. This is so vital because if your competitors did it , you may possibly find they are in advance and are becoming more attractive to potential customers.

Building trust before selling your product or service is an actual problem for business owner or sales people. In fact, people will only buy something if they trust that it will help them. So your job as a business owner or an affiliate is to build up that expectation before sending a visitor to the actual sales page itself.

Every advertising campaign that you see on several media for particular product or service usually claims to solve a problem you have. Do you right away believe on those ads and buy it immediately? Maybe sometimes you do believe, but generally you just dismiss it, don’t you?

However, let’s say that after seeing the commercial, a friend, coworker or associate who bought the product is raving to you about how great it worked for him or her. Aren’t you more likely to go buy the product after that? Of course you are. That’s because you’ve been presold on it.

The same situation happen when you selling any kind of product online. Sure, you could just redirect traffic to your affiliate link. You’ll probably even make some sales by doing that. Redirect traffic to your affiliate link is the equivalent of the television advertising. It is restricted in its ability to build trust.

Alternatively, if you pre sell your traffic, you transform yourself into the friend, coworker or associate who is raving about the product, and that makes the traffic you send through your affiliate link a lot more likely to buy.

There is one caution. The potential customer must trust your recommendation for the product you are offering or else they won’t purchase it even if they have the problem the product promises to solve. So it’s important that you understand what’s involved in building trust through pre selling. Do it right and it will significantly improve your end result. Do it wrong and your list will become unresponsive.

I am not going to go into the technically of building an email list. I’m assuming that you already know how to do that. I’m going to start from the moment after you have a new subscriber on your list. From that point on you have an opportunity to build trust with that person, and pre sell them on whatever products you feel might be of benefit to them.

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