Buying Online vs Buying Offline

It can be difficult knowing whether to buy online or offline. There are a lot of online deals, cash back, vouchers and things like that, but then there is the postage to pay for. Offline stores have sales and these items do not always appear on their websites. Which of them works out cheaper may depend on you and your shopping style.

If you fall in love with things when you touch them and as soon as you try something on, you have to buy it, then it might be better to buy online as you may make more calculated decisions when you are purchasing things.

If you buy online and cannot be bothered to send things back if they do not fit or are not quite what you were looking for then it is much wiser to buy off line and try things before you buy them. It can depend on the specific shops that you purchase from and your shopping style, as to whether it is cheaper to buy online or offline and it is probably best to use a combination of both and research what you are buying well to find out which way will be the best for you.

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    Pierre Vanwie
    June 19, 2010 at 19:31

    Very nicely said. I discovered your post from Yahoo and enjoyed reading it. Have you been writing for long?Just the other day I recently set up a blog myself and its been a enjoyable process. I’ve met some new people since then but it is tough sometimes! Anyway, many thanks for your post! Personally, I do shop online and offline, for some products I prefer to go to the supermarket to choose and buy, and for some services I follow the online lifestyle 🙂

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