Buying the Kindle Fire HD as a Christmas Gift: Is it Worth It?

Amazon Kindle Fire HDChristmas is just a few more weeks away so you’d better think of something that you could give as a gift without spending beyond your credit limit. If you still can’t think of a good gift to give to your friends and relatives, the new Kindle Fire HD could be a great treat! You know, we’re now living in a modern era and tablets have become a necessity. Plus, it is not necessary that you’d get an iPad. The new tablet from Amazon is way cheaper and you can just get it for a very affordable price of $199.

With that, you’ll have a 16GB 7-inch tablet with a brilliant HD (high-definition) display that’s great for video streaming. You can also get the 32GB version of the tablet for as low as $249 with the same features and specs. Speaking of which, the Kindle Fire HD slate from Amazon appears to follow the footsteps of its very popular ancestor – the Kindle Fire. It’s just that the new version is beefed up with features and specs that will make you think that it is worth more than its price. It’s a great gift especially for college students and teenagers. Plus, the slate has a lot of pre-loaded apps that you can use for entertainment and communication. There’s Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and a whole lot more. That’s not all. Amazon will also give you the opportunity to access its wide selection of books, ebooks, magazines and e-catalogues. You can also browse for your favorite movies, TV shows and songs.

If the above stated features aren’t enough to convince you that the Kindle Fire HD could be a great gift for this coming Yuletide season, better be aware that that tablet is actually equipped with a powerful 1.2GHz dual core processor. Moreover, its exclusive Dolby Audio system and dual-driver stereo speakers are more than enough to give you the best in terms of sound quality and you don’t even need to wear your headphones. You may not be able to access the official Google PLAY Store but you can still play your favorite games such as Temple Run, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Tetris and a whole lot more. If you’re hooked to watching movies, there are apps for such like Hulu, IMDB and Netflix. In case you have some extra savings, you could also wrap some accessories such as the Kindle Fire HD special leather case, stylus pen and screen protector.

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